Saturday, May 15, 2010

call for photos - 'too hard to keep'

I have started an archive of photographs deemed "too hard to keep."

This may include photos or photo albums of:
ex's, photos of deceased friends/family/pets, places/objects too hard to view again, etc.

The reason you can't live with the photo or photo album I do not need to know...

I am creating a repository for these images so that they may exist without being destroyed.  You may dictate whether the images you submit to the archive are:
  1. images not to be shown again, or 
  2. images that may be exhibited in the future with other submissions to the archive.
If needed, I can pay shipping costs to send any photos to the repository in Chicago.

Jason Lazarus
810 n Wood, 3f
Chicago, IL 60622
I am happy to answer any questions and hope this project helps you part with something in a more graceful manner.