Wednesday, October 2, 2013

upcoming THTK installation in Rochester -- all mail parcel installation!

the THTK archive is traveling as part of the group exhibition:

Nov 8 - Dec 15, 2013 
Visual Studies Workshop
Rochester, NY.  

For this installation, I am seeking submissions 
to the project that will be exhibited 
in their original mail packaging, unopened!

Submissions as always may range from one photo to hundreds that are too hard to keep, as well as hard drives, photo-albums, photo objects, etc that contain images relevant to the archive.  After the exhibition, the packages will travel to Chicago to be opened, sorted, and filed among the thousands of other submissions that have amassed over the past three years.  

To include your THTK submission 
to this particular installation, 
mail by November 1st to:

c/o Tate Shaw, Director
Visual Studies Workshop

31 Prince Street

Rochester, NY 14607

Please email with any questions...
As Always,
Jason Lazarus