Saturday, July 16, 2016

call for THTK upcoming exhibitions in Cologne, Germany and Rochester, New York

THTK (2010 - PRESENT) is traveling this fall to the International Photo Festival in Cologne, Germany (opens Sept 10th) and the George Eastman Museum (opens Oct 22nd) in Rochester, NY.

As always, looking for physical photographs and photo-objects:
  • photographs
  • photo albums
  • memory cards
  • undeveloped rolls of film
  • slides
  • objects with images printed on them
  • thumb drives or hard drives
  • photo enlargements, etc that are too hard to keep but too painful to destroy.  
Images may be marked private by participants and they will be exhibited image-facing-down. Packages may also be marked 'do not open' and they will stay sealed in perpetuity!

All images and objects are exhibited without attribution or accompanying texts.

Digital images emailed will not appear in these exhibitions but may appear on the project blog.

European Address for THTK 
(deadline September 1st for Cologne exhibition):

Internationale Photoszene Köln
Too Hard to Keep
Körnerstr. 6-8
50823 Köln, Germany


US address for THTK 
(deadline October 15th for Rochester exhibition):

Too Hard to Keep                      
George Eastman Museum               
900 East Avenue                    
Rochester, NY  14607